Nancy Ellison's 'Altered Egos' Retrospective Features 100 Unusual Hollywood Portraits

Intimate Portraits Of Hollywood Greats

Nancy Ellison knows a thing or two about celebrities. The Hollywood-bred photographer grew up in the presence of stars, watching them from movie sets as a child and eventually turning her own lens on the actors and actresses of Tinsel Town during her decades-long career.

"Altered Egos" features over 100 of her photographs at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles. Familiar faces like Jack Nicholson, River Phoenix, Sharon Stone and more are on view, revealing intimate, empathetic portraits.

nancy ellison altered egos

"I saw celebrities -- often out-of-work celebrities -- in daily life," Ellison explained in an interview with PMc Magazine. "I saw the effects of the Hollywood blacklist on the lives of school friends. I was witness to the complete reality of celebrity. My awe was slowly replaced by sympathy."

'Altered Egos' opens on March 19, 2013 at the Pacific Design Center and runs until June 1.

Scroll down for a preview of "Altered Egos" in the slideshow below. Let us know what you think of Ellison's work in the comments.

Harrison Ford

Nancy Ellison's 'Altered Egos'

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