Nancy Grace Donating Book Proceeds: 'I've Been Pretty Mean...So This May Be My Only Ticket To Heaven'

Nancy Grace is donating the proceeds from her latest book to a group that helps adults with mental disabilities.

Grace announced that proceeds from "Death on the D-List," a murder mystery novel, will go to Wesley Glen Methodist Ministries in Georgia.

"They provide a truly loving home to the mentally handicapped," Grace said. "I've been there myself, before I endorsed it. I've looked at the homes, I personally know the director, and I've spent time there helping them raise money and looking at Wesley Glen so I knew about it."

While presenting a $25,000 check to the organization's director, Grace joked about her pitbull reputation.

"We all know I've been pretty mean in the courtroom and out, so this may be my only ticket to heaven," she said. "So please, I want you to accept this check. It's for $25,000, it's part of my proceeds, and God willing, there's more coming to Wesley Glen."