Judge Says Libel Lawsuit Against Nancy Grace Can Proceed

Nancy Grace lost a bid to dismiss the libel lawsuit against her, the New York Times reported Friday.

Grace and three co-defendants were sued in 2012 over her statements about Michael Skakel, the nephew of Ethel Kennedy who was convicted for the 1975 murder of his neighbor. Grace and legal commentator Beth Karas had asserted on air that there was DNA evidence linking Skakel to the crime, which was in fact not true.

On Friday, Judge Vanessa L. Bryant ruled against the defendants' attempts to dismiss the lawsuit on grounds that Skakel is "libel-proof" and said that the lawsuit could proceed. The Times reported the judge called the host's statements “not just a minor inaccuracy,” but ones that contained “stark” distinctions.

This isn't the first time Grace, who is famously outspoken, has run into legal trouble. The HLN host was sued in 2012 by the family of a woman who killed herself after Grace criticized her on air. The family, which sued on grounds of emotional distress, later settled with Grace and CNN. It was the second suicide-related lawsuit Grace and CNN had to settle.