Nancy Grace's 'Dancing With The Stars' Advice For Sherri Shepherd (VIDEO)

"Dancing With the Stars" alumnus Nancy Grace came by "The View" (weekdays on ABC) to offer some advice to new contestant Sherri Shepherd. After Shepherd described how she "got scared" during the cast announcement when she saw how focused Jaleel White and Gladys Knight were on winning, Grace gave her some cold comfort.

"Number one, show no fear," Grace instructed, leaving the door wide open for Joy Behar, who immediately quipped, "Number two: Show no nipple."

After brushing off Behar's wisecrack, Grace continued to dole out "Dancing" wisdom. "The other thing is, there are gonna be haters who are gonna make fun of you and laugh at you ... forget about them," she said.

The discussion then turned to how Grace managed to balance dance rehearsals with her nightly HLN legal show while also raising young twins. Grace opted to move her kids to the West Coast while she was on the show. "I finally went out there with the twins. There were some days I'd leave dance rehearsal after seven or eight hours, put on my jacket to do my night show, and still have on my dance clothes [from the waist down]. And then take that jacket off, and put off the sweaty dance [gear] and go back to rehearsal after. Have fun!"

Shepherd, on the other hand, will be splitting time between her two commitments, and the East and West coasts. She'll spending Mondays and Tuesdays in California doing "Dancing" and flying back to New York to film "The View" Wednesday through Friday.

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