Twitter Inspired By Nancy Grace's Reaction To Casey Anthony Verdict (SLIDESHOW)

SLIDESHOW: Twitter Loves To Hate Nancy Grace

It seems like the two biggest questions on everyone's mind in the wake of the Casey Anthony verdict are: 1) What will Nancy Grace do now? and 2) Has Nancy Grace's head, in fact, exploded?

The polarizing CNN personality has been as prominent a figure in the sensational trial as those actually involved in it, and she made her feelings on the verdict very clear: "As the defense sits by and has their champagne toast after that not guilty verdict. Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight."

As is its wont, the Twitter community had a lot to say about the trial, the verdict and about Nancy Grace, in particular. Since there's just nothing funny about the trial itself, we thought we'd share a few tweets from the latter category that made us chuckle. God speed, Ms. Grace.

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