Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction: Host Exposes Nipple On 'Dancing With The Stars' (VIDEO)

Nancy Grace Has Wardrobe Malfunction On 'DWTS'

Nancy Grace suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on Monday's "Dancing With The Stars."

Grace danced her quickstep so forcefully that her dressed slipped in exactly the wrong place, accidentally exposing a nipple. Grace didn't realize it but the audience sure seemed to, looking stunned and stonyfaced as Grace finished her dance. Host Tom Bergeron alerted Grace to the problem and joked, "On the European version that would be perfectly fine." Grace buried her head in her dancing partner's shoulder, but seemed to take it in stride.

The incident was edited out of the West Coast version. Grace still got high scores from the judges. In an interview with reporters after the show, she even denied that anything had gone wrong.

"Tonight, when we were doing our hopscotch portion of our dance, there was a little bit of movement but it did not rise to a wardrobe malfunction," she said.


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