Nancy Lack, Connecticut Woman, Arrested After Stealing Anti-Obama Signs Showing Hitler Mustache

An 80-year-old Connecticut woman potentially faces three months in jail after being arrested for stealing campaign signs featuring images of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Nancy Lack told NBC Connecticut that she'd seen the signs while driving by and was so upset by the imagery that she decided to do something about it.

She exited her vehicle, removed three of the signs and put them in her car. The posters belonged to LaRouche PAC, a group supporting the fringe movement created by Lyndon LaRouche, an eight-time presidential candidate whose followers believe that Obama is involved in an elaborate series of conspiracies and cover-ups that warrant his impeachment.

Lack told NBC that she fully expected to get in trouble, as LaRouche volunteers saw her tearing down their signs and followed her back to her vehicle to take down her license plate number. The arrest and subsequent charges for sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace were more surprising she said, but she admitted guilt and defended her decision in her interview with the NBC affiliate.

“My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be,” Lack told NBC.

She is expected in court next week.

LaRouche supporters are currently pushing the theory that Obama's administration coordinated a coverup following the terrorist attack in Libya on the anniversary of Sept. 11 that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. While the allegations hold some parallels to a more mainstream criticism of Obama currently being lofted from conservative circles, the pro-LaRouche forces believe it constitutes a "high crime and misdemeanor" and are calling for an immediate impeachment trial.

The group's provocative displays showing a mustachioed Obama paired with strong language encouraging impeachment have been known to stir tensions. Last week, a Wisconsin man visiting Half Moon Bay in California reportedly approached LaRouche supporters and verbally accosted them. The Half Moon Bay Review reports that things then got physical, as he overturned their plastic folding table, hitting a volunteer with it in the process, and threw one of their signs on the ground. He then reportedly chased a LaRouche supporter across the street, while a victim called the police. The 36-year-old was later arrested on misdemeanor assault charges and taken to jail. He told police that he was furious over the Obama image.