This Is The Bluntest Weather Report You've Ever Seen

"Don't be stupid."

Nancy Loo wasted no time on Wednesday morning in giving what could be the bluntest cold weather report ever.

The reporter for "The WGN Morning News" show braved icy conditions on Chicago's Magnificent Mile to tell viewers that it was "dang cold."

Loo then broke away from what should have been an in-depth forecast to say, "In fact, I wish I could do just this report: It's dangerously cold, it's about 5 degrees right now, wind chill about 15 to 20 below, don't be stupid. Back to you."

Loo's concise account earned her a standing ovation from the anchors sitting in the warm studio.

The camera later cut back to Loo, who pointed out a person covered from head to toe in order to survive the frigid weather. "In fact, she doesn't even see me. That's how you should dress. That's a smart person."

Footage of Loo's report was posted online Wednesday, and is going viral. The hashtag #dontbestupid also trended on Twitter.

It's not the first time "The WGN Morning News" team has made headlines for its reports. In 2014, the anchors used handwritten signs to communicate when a technical glitch killed the show's sound. A year earlier, they accidentally hung up on Oprah during a live interview.

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