Republican Nancy Mace Warns GOP On Abortion: ‘We’re Going To Lose Huge’ In 2024

The South Carolina lawmaker predicted what will happen if Republicans fail to "read the room" and "find some middle ground."

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) on Sunday warned that Republicans will face “huge” losses in the 2024 elections if GOP lawmakers don’t rein in their anti-abortion extremism.

Mace, appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” urged Republicans to “find some middle ground” or face electoral wipeout next year.

“As a Republican, conservative, constitutional conservative who’s ‘pro-life,’ I saw what happened after Roe v. Wade because I represent a very purple district, as purple as this dress,” said Mace. “And I saw the sentiment change dramatically.”

Republicans “need to read the room on this issue,” continued Mace, whose calls for abortion exemptions in cases of incest and rape, partly due to her own experience of being raped when she was a teenager, has drawn backlash from other conservatives.

“The vast majority of folks are not in the extremes,” she noted.

And the pursuit strict abortion bans is “the wrong message heading into ’24,” she added. “We’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities.”

Watch the interview here:

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