Nancy Meyers Shares Charming Deleted Scene From 'Something's Gotta Give'

"Why did I ever delete this?"

Nancy Meyers seems to always know what audiences want, even when it comes to posting the perfect throwback posts to her Instagram account.

The film writer, director and producer shared a deleted scene from “Something’s Gotta Give” on Thursday with her 40,500 followers. 

″Why did I ever delete this?” Meyers asked. “Well, you can see it now.” 

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The scene, which has surfaced on the web in the past, shows Jack Nicholson’s Harry Sanborn serenading Diane Keaton’s Erica Barry with a shaky but utterly charming rendition of “La Vie en Rose” comprising English and French verses.

Though the moment didn’t appear in the 2004 film, Nicholson’s performance was included on the “Something’s Gotta Give” soundtrack. 

It’s unclear where the scene would have occurred in the film, but part of it shows up in the movie’s trailer during a time when it’s clear Erica has ditched her turtlenecks. 



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