Nancy Pelosi: 'How Dare The Administration' Threaten To Veto Intelligence Reform (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi issued a warning to the Obama administration over the weekend on the importance of the White House standing behind Democratic efforts to expand the scope of intelligence oversight programs, including proposals to increase the access of the GAO, Congress's investigative arm.

The California Democrat underscored her unwavering position in an interview with FireDogLake's Marcy Wheeler.

"I think it's not right to deprive the members of Congress of information with the idea that we're going to jeopardize the national security of our country," explained Pelosi of the imbalance in power between the White House and Congress when it comes to the intel issue. "And every safeguard is built into what we have in our legislation, sources and methods, you know what the list would be."

The House Speaker expressed her hope that the Obama administration and Congress could achieve a mutual understanding this week, but in doing so once again stressed the larger context of the situation.

"[We] passed these bills," she said. "And we should be able to pass a bill that gives us the the right-how dare the Administration say they would veto the bill?"

Pelosi zeroed-in on the factors behind what she called the administration's "more relaxed attitude toward oversight":

And which the Administration may or may not approve, depending on who it is and the rest of that. So they have a little bit of a more relaxed attitude toward oversight. Cause any one of them-of the hundred of them-can just mosey on in at any given time. And it's an act of the committee and perhaps the involvement of the Administration as to whether a House member.

WATCH: Pelosi: 'How Dare The Administration' Threaten To Veto Intel Reform Bill