Nancy Pelosi Coasts To Another Term In Congress

Pelosi Coasts To Another Term

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has coasted to another term representing California's 12th District.

The Democratic leader was challenged by John Dennis, a Republican businessman who has attempted to unseat the former House Speaker in three consecutive elections. In announcing his 2014 campaign, Dennis criticized Pelosi on issues like the National Security Agency's controversial surveillance tactics and the Affordable Care Act.

"I understand the difficulty of taking on an entrenched politician, but Pelosi’s continued support for the NSA's surveillance of Americans, for keeping troops in Afghanistan, for ignoring the federal debt, and for Obamacare, with all its failures, have disenchanted San Francisco voters," Dennis said.

After several of her key House allies (including fellow California Democrats George Miller and Henry Waxman) announced they would retire at the end of the term, some speculated that Pelosi would join them. She quickly threw cold water on that line of inquiry, insisting her "work is not finished."

Pelosi's district encompasses most of the city of San Francisco.

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