Nancy Pelosi Popped Collar Is Totally Baller (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Nancy Pelosi Pops Her Collar

Nancy Pelosi isn't shy about making a fashion statement, but she tends towards pantsuits, chunky pearl accessories and colorful shoes.

But the former Speaker of the House took a new sartorial step yesterday: popped collars.

No, not of the polo shirt variety. Pelosi put a spin on her typical jacket-and-pants look by turning up the color on her blue blazer. The best part? Hiding underneath was a bright splash of yellow.

And while we haven't sported a popped collar since our middle school days, we have to admire Nancy's 'tude. All that staid D.C. dressing must get boring after a while -- why not pop a collar?


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January 4, 2011

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