Nancy Pelosi Hilariously Trolls Trump With New Pic On Twitter Profile

The president tried to insult the House speaker with a photo. It's now featured proudly on her Twitter page.

Donald Trump attempted to paint House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as unhinged, but it may not have worked as he hoped.

On Wednesday, the president reportedly berated Pelosi during a meeting regarding the crisis on the Turkey-Syria border and, according to the California Democrat, even called her a “third-grade politician.”

Pelosi later called Trump’s behavior a “meltdown,” which apparently ticked him off, so he tried the old “I’m rubber and you’re glue” trick on Twitter.

Trump posted a photo of Pelosi standing up at the meeting, which he labeled an “unhinged meltdown” ― and who should know more about that than a self-proclaimed “stable genius”?

Many Twitter users didn’t think the photo made Pelosi look unhinged at all.

One person who was especially fond of the photo was none other than Pelosi herself, who made it her cover photo on her Twitter page.

Trump hasn’t responded to how Pelosi spun the photo, but he doubled down on his dubious claim that she had a meltdown.



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