Nanhi Kali Organization Helps Girls Get An Education In India With 'A Girl Store'

Less than half of all school-aged girls in India go to school.

One nonprofit organization says you can change that, one school book or pencil case at a time.

Nanhi Kali, a nonprofit organization dedicated to women's education rights in India, shows its donors exactly what supplies it takes to get an education to individual girls in India through its website, A Girl Store.

Workbooks, pencils, uniforms, shoes, and more are displayed for a potential donor to buy for a young girl. Each item can be purchased separately for each particular girl's needs.

Once each girl has all of her items paid for, the website says that girl is "off to school."

Despite a small rise over the 2008-2009 school year, statistics released this week gauge that only 48 percent of all girls in India have access to an education, reports The Hindustan.

Due to overwhelming poverty, Indian girls are funneled into marriage and sex slavery rather than schools. To help ease the trend, Nanhi Kali is centered on providing the means to an education "because the most effective way to break the cycle of exploitation is education."

Nanhi Kali also launched "A Girl Story," a donation-based film depicting the journey of one young Indian girl in search for an education.

New chapters of "A Girl Story" are released based on the amount of contributions recieved through its website.


A physical version of A Girl Store opened Thursday at 501 Lexington Ave. in New York City, USA. For more information about A Girl Store" target="_hplink">A Girl Store and other projects by Nanhi Kali, follow the links below:

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