Badass Nanny Takes Down Alleged Package Thief, And It Was All Caught On Video

Do NOT mess with this nanny.

An alleged package thief got more than she bargained for when an eagle-eyed nanny intercepted her. 

Surveillance footage shows a woman hopping out of the passenger seat of a vehicle in Everett, Washington on Tuesday, and then running toward a home and returning to the car with a large package.

“HEY!” a voice calls out. “What the fuck are you doing?” 

After the woman tosses the purloined package into the vehicle, she falls while trying to get in. The getaway car then takes off without her:

That’s when the owner of the voice enters the picture. 

Nanny Kate Anderson, who was watching a 1-year-old baby inside the home, raced down the driveway and tackled the suspect while shouting for a passerby to call the police. 

The alleged porch pirate was later identified as 29-year-old Rhieanna Schindler, who had an outstanding warrant and a history of arrests, according to CBS station KIRO. 

“If someone is doing something wrong, I’m not afraid to put them in check,” Anderson told local Fox station Q13.

She’s just like a straight baller, she’s amazing and doesn’t take any crap from anybody,” Tanya Smith, the homeowner, told KIRO.

The local sheriff’s office told the station that while it doesn’t condone Anderson’s actions, they’d like her to know they’re hiring right now.

CORRECTION: This article previously misidentified station KIRO as an ABC affiliate; it is CBS.



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