Naomi Campbell Talks Why Famed Runway Moment Will 'Never Happen Again'

Naomi Campbell Talks Why Famed Runway Moment Will 'Never Happen Again'

Naomi Campbell has sashayed down many a catwalk, most recently providing the closing strut in the Diane von Furstenburg Spring 2015 show. But there's one runway moment that the veteran supermodel holds near and dear: walking in Versace's Fall 1991 show. In a grand finale for the fashion books, Campbell was sent down the catwalk arm-in-arm with her fellow supermodels -- and besties -- Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford.

"It's great to walk down with women that you respect, that are colleagues," she said to HuffPost Live on Tuesday. "Also, we were friends. That's the most important part. We were friends, we supported each other, loved each other, and that moment was special."


Fashionistas can rest easy knowing that, according to Campbell, the foursome "still are friends." Regardless, the "Empire" star knows it's unlikely such a moment will ever be repeated.

"Getting to walk down the runway with Linda and Christy and Cindy -- that's something that will never happen again," she said, "unless Donatella [Versace] says 'I want you all back together again.'"

Donatella, the people want more. We beg you: say those magic words!

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