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Naomi Campbell's Oprah Appearance: Too Thin To Swim, Not Eating For 18 Days & Her Married Billionaire Boyfriend (VIDEO)

In light of recent, shall we say, PR setbacks--namely a very public brush with the law when she was accused of hitting her boyfriend's driver, who then retracted his claim, and a dust-up with an ABC News reporter who asked her about being gifted a blood diamond by Liberian warlord Charles Taylor--supermodel Naomi Campbell did on Monday what any celebrity on a Mea Culpa Tour would do: she appeared on "Oprah."

The first few segments were devoted to Naomi's infamous temper: the phone-throwing (for which Oprah had her sign a "No Phone Throwing" pledge), the other violent outbursts, the community service in designer couture. There was then talk of regret, abandonment issues, cocaine addiction, and her mom--all of which culminated in Oprah telling the viewers that over the break "Naomi Campbell just went into an ugly cry."

Talk then turned to a lighter subject: the men in Naomi's life. Though she's been romantically linked to many powerful men--Robert DeNiro, Mike Tyson, Usher, and Prince Albert, to name a few--Naomi claimed she has also dated men who don't have money. Pressed to say exactly what they did, she said they were "artists."

All the while Naomi's beau of two years, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, was seated in the front row next to the supermodel's mother. In the clip below, Naomi shows off her new hometown of Moscow and introduces the audience to her boyfriend, who is married but "has been separated more than 10 years," he clarifies. Since meeting her yacht-owning boyfriend, Naomi has learned to swim, which she was previously too "muscular" to do. Also: Vladimir apparently doesn't let her eat bread.


Oprah then delves into how Naomi--who turns 40 on May 22nd--stays so fit. Cut to the model doing gyrotonics as she drinks the Master Cleanse lemonade, which she says "I try to do three times a year...the most I've ever done it for is 18 days. So I started on Sunday. This is my sixth day." She also claims that jump-roping is good for losing weight in the face.