Reviewers Love Naomi Osaka's Skincare Brand

You’ve been impressed by Naomi Osaka’s tennis skills, and now you’ll be impressed with her beauty brand.
Naomi Osaka’s Kinlo suncare brand is highly-rated at Walmart.
Naomi Osaka’s Kinlo suncare brand is highly-rated at Walmart.

Tuning into the U.S. Open on Tuesday to watch tennis star Naomi Osaka? While you may admire the player for her prowess on the court, you may not know that she’s responsible for a slew of stylish collaborations with brands like Levi’s, Frankie’s Bikinis, and even Sweetgreen. She also famously spearheaded her very own project: Kinlò, a line of sun-care products designed specifically for melanin-rich skin, which launched exclusively at Walmart earlier this year.

Now, several months into the partnership with Walmart, the judges have spoken: Kinlò has racked up almost as many accolades as Osaka herself, who has multiple U.S. and Australian Open wins to her credit, among other achievements. While celebrity-driven imprints can sometimes fail to live up to their promises, Osaka’s skincare brand is thoroughly customer-approved, with predominantly 4-star-and-up ratings and piles of positive reviews.

In addition to being a proven crowd-pleaser, Kinlò brings much-needed awareness to the importance of sun protection for Black, Brown, and other melanated skin tones. A recent American Cancer Society report found that while Black individuals are less likely to get melanoma than white people, Black patients have a survival rate of only 71%, compared to 93% for white patients.

Whether you’re a tennis fan or someone who simply wants to protect themselves from the sun with some fan-favorite products, there’s something for you in Osaka’s assortment. Ahead, shop our favorite best-sellers (and a few of our own picks) from Kinlò at Walmart.

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Slather on serious sun protection
With an SPF of 50, KINLÒ Golden Rays Tinted Sunscreen not only has great sun protection, but it’s also waterproof and reef safe. This mineral-based sunscreen will not leave a white cast, unlike many other sunscreens, and it even comes in three different shades: light, medium, and deep. Reviewer NelleMN stated, “This sunscreen is protective and has no white cast! Has a tint to it that is very forgiving and gives a natural finish…I can see myself using this in the summer vs wearing heavy makeup. It's light and definitely improves the look of your skin.”
Moisturize, glow, and stay safe outdoors
This body lotion provides a golden glow and, with SPF 30, adequate sun protection. Due to the whipped texture, this lotion is lightweight and glides on smoothly and melts easily into the skin. Reviewer Tinykitten wrote: “I love this always golden body lotion, it doesn't feel like I'm using sunscreen at all. It's super moisturizing, and leaves my legs really soft. Best of all doesn't leave any white cast, heavy pigment.”
Fade away those sun spots
Dealing with pesky sun spots from your time outdoors this summer? This daily moisturizer contains vitamin C, which reduces the appearance of discoloration and evens out skin tone. The glycerin and hyaluronic acid will provide ample moisture to hydrate the driest skin, and with a lightweight formula, it’s comfortable for all-day wear.
Refresh your skin
Skin feeling parched after a day in the sun? Spray on this hydrating facial mist with the scent of oranges and coconut to moisturize and cool your skin. “Smells great but also works like a charm,” wrote reviewer IvyL. “I like the refreshing feel when I spray it on my skin! Sometimes I even use it as a room spray for my kids room! Now I just keep it in my purse for whenever I need it!”
Protect yourself on active days
Hitting the beach or working up a sweat? This sunscreen stick has an SPF of 30 and is made with a waterproof formula. The stick blends easily into the skin, providing necessary protection without a mess. Due to the size, it probably won’t replace your go-to sunscreen, but it’s perfect for throwing in your bag when you’re on the go.
Stay cool after a sunburn
Stayed out in the sun too long, and your skin is paying the cost? Cool off with this cooling body gel moisturizer. It has aloe vera to soothe the skin and glycerin to provide lightweight hydration. This product is a hit, and it’s rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. “After being exposed in the sun all day, this moisturizer is so good and cooling and helps to calm my skin down!!” said reviewer Anix.
Keep tabs on your sun exposure
These UV detection stickers are one of a kind. Stick one of these stylish stickers on your skin, clothing, bag, or phone, and you’ll know if you’ve been in the sun too long. Once the sticker turns purple, it's time to reapply your sunscreen. Not only will be less likely to burn, but you’ll also be protecting yourself from harmful UV radiation.
Hydrate with jojoba oil
Made with jojoba and olive oil, this facial oil is 100% plant-based delivering intense moisture while nourishing your skin. When your skin is feeling tight and dry, use a couple of drops of this oil before or after your moisturizer. You’ll have the extra hydration your skin needs after spending too much time in the sun.
Use coconut oil in multiple ways
With intense hydration from the fatty acids found in coconuts, this body oil can be used in multiple ways during your daily routine. Use it as a hair mask or leave-in treatment, apply it to your skin as a moisturizer, or rub it on at the end of the day to easily take off your makeup. Made with 100% coconut oil and free from fragrances and silicones, even those with the most sensitive skin can feel good using it.

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