Naomi Wolf On The Dangers Of Porn Addiction And The 'Kink Spiral'

'Men Raised On Porn Have Lost Sexual Skills'

"Porn is addicting and desensitizing," asserted Naomi Wolf. The activist and author of Vagina joined HuffPost Live on Dec. 10 and discussed the potential negative effects of growing up surrounded by porn.

She specifically spoke about the impact porn may have on men who become addicted to it. "What it does to men over time -- and I'm not making a moral judgment -- is that it makes them less attracted to their partner," Wolf told host Nancy Redd. "They're literally neuro-biologically bonding with the porn rather than their partner."

And while Wolf was conducting research for her book, she heard lots of women "complaining that men raised on watching porn have lost sexual skills with women." (That's just bad news for all involved.)

Wolf and Redd also discussed what has been termed the "kink spiral" -- the way the ubiquity of pornographic images can lead those looking at them to quickly become desensitized and unsatisfied with what they are viewing. "What turned you on a month ago isn't arousing anymore so you need more and more extreme images," Wolf said. "An ordinary woman in your bed can't duplicate that novelty effect of clicking through multiple images."

Head over to HuffPost Live to see the full interview.

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