Napoleon Dynamite Wants Some Of Pedro's Tots In New Ad For Burger King

Side note: This is what Napoleon Dynamite looks like now.

Gosh. In honor of something called “cheesy tots,” Burger King has recruited Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez to reprise their “Napoleon Dynamite” roles as the tot-loving Napoleon and his best friend Pedro.

The tables have turned in this reimagining of a favorite scene from the 2004 cult film in which Napoleon, having snuck some tater tots out of the high school cafeteria in his pants pocket, is harassed by hungry classmate Randy during a lesson. This time, Napoleon finds himself looking enviously at Pedro’s tots.

Spoiler: He doesn’t put them in his pocket. Instead, he eats them from the table surface like the 39-year-old adult man that he evidently is now.

Another spoiler: The tots are good.

Correction: A previous version of this article regrettably misstated Pedro’s name in its headline. Vote for Pedro. 



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