Napoleon Dynamite And Jimmy Fallon Kill A Woolly Mammoth (VIDEO)

When "Napoelon Dynamite" became an unexpected hit film in 2004, few suspected that it would turn into an animated series on Fox in 2012, except maybe for crazy people. But the crazies are right! Because it's coming to Fox next week, with all of the original cast.

Jon Heder, who played Napoleon in the original low-budget indie comedy about an un-self aware high school student's offbeat adventures in his small town, showed up in non-animated form on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night, barely looking a day older than when the original movie was shot almost a decade ago.

He tells Jimmy all about what he's been up to since the movie came out, and then instructs Jimmy on how to kill a woolly mammoth, because of course.

Will you plan on watching the new show? While it may seem strange to adapt a movie whose budget probably will cost less than one single episode of an animated series, nobody can deny that the singular vision of director Jared Hess, who directed the movie and who will oversee the TV show, will be interesting to see adapted to animation. He also will have veteran "Simpsons" writer and producer Mike Scully working on the show with him, which is a big get.

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