Napoleon-Themed Amusement Park Being Planned By French

Allons enfants de la Patrie...and head on down to Napoleonland! A Napoleon-themed amusement park is being planned for just south of Paris, and is being billed as a rival to Disneyland, reports The Telegraph.

The work of former French politician Yves Jego, Napoleonland is estimated to roughly $278 million. It will be built at the location of the Battle of Montereau, from which Napoleon emerged victorious.

But, the French seem poised to present an accurate version of history, with park attractions that show some of Napoleon's most famous defeats in addition to his victories. These would include a daily recreation of the Battle of Waterloo -- which might allow audience participation -- and a water show re-enacting the Battle of Trafalgar.

The park complex is also expected to include a museum, a hotel, shops and restaurants. Other, more peculiar, proposed attractions would have guests ski around frozen corpses of horses and soldiers on a battlefield, and watch the beheading of Louis XVI, according to The Daily Mail.

Jego hopes that construction can begin in 2014 in anticipation of a 2017 opening.

Our question is, if it's supposed to rival Disneyland -- or even Parc Asterix -- where are all the rides?