Fox's Napolitano: Walter Scott Shooting 'What People Said Ferguson Was'

Video of South Carolina policeman Michael Slager shooting and killing Walter Scott, who is African American, as he ran away after a kerfuffle at a traffic stop has stoked outrage among the public and led to the officer being charged for murder.

Coming on the heels of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the story has naturally invited comparisons. But on Fox & Friends this morning, contributor Andrew Napolitano said the two incidents should not be treated as one and the same.

"This is what some people said Ferguson was -- but it turned out it wasn't," Napolitano said.

"In Ferguson, there was a bona fide fight over the officer's gun and the officer won the fight," Napolitano said. "This is two disparate cases here. This is a victim running away from the police, shot in the back."