Naptime Smart Eyeshade Review, Will This Make 2017 The Year of the Power Naps?


More Energy.

Admit it, we all want it.

I'm talking about human energy. The energy to chase after your kids, be productive at work, have more fun on the weekends. Many of us try to boost energy by drinking larger and larger cups of coffee. What if there was a better way?

Enter Naptime, the Smart Eyeshade. Naptime promises to use passive EEG monitors, headphones and a light blocking eyeshade to help you take rejuvenating 20-30 minute power naps...anywhere, anytime.

While the Naptime is still on Indiegogo, we were able to get a working prototype to test out. Please watch our video review of the Naptime Smart Eyeshade -

It's Amazing How Motivating A Simple Number Can Be

Gamification, such a clever way to motivate us lazy humans to do just about anything. Add numbers to an activity, give us a score and suddenly we want to work harder to improve those numbers and better our score.

The Naptime app does a great job of providing scores, that motivate you to get more relaxed. I know, that sounds bizarre - motivated to get relaxed, but it actually works. You really work on your breathing, listen to the music and white noise and drift into a more relaxed state.

The Passive EEG Sensors Put The Smart in the Naptime Smart Eyeshade

If the Naptime was a set of headphones with an eyeshade, it would be interesting, but nothing to write about. The inclusion of passive EEG sensors is what makes the Naptime special. As we explain in the video, the Naptime is able to track your brainwaves and tell when you are in a deeper sleep. With this information it can tailor the music, meditation or white noise that you hear. In addition, with the Smart Alarm it can wake you up at the optimal time, based on brain wave patterns.

Are You Willing to Set Aside 20 Minutes a Day to Nap?

In our testing, the Naptime worked well, especially for a prototype. Do we feel better? Yes, the days we took a 20 minute nap, we did seem to feel more refreshed and less stressed.

The big question is, can you set aside 20 minutes for a power nap? If you can, then the Naptime is a great gadget to help turn your power nap into a super power nap.

More Information:

Naptime is currently $139 on Indiegogo