How To Spot A Narcissist

Narcissism isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Narcissism doesn't only rear its (inflated) head in the form of a selfie. While we might easily classify the likes of Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump as narcissistic, there are less obvious traits of narcissism that sometimes go under the radar, partly because there's a spectrum of the disposition.

Narcissism can refer to a diagnosable psychological disorder that emerges in several forms -- not just the self-focused or self-aggrandizing personality profile we most often associate with the word.

It's also a set of personality traits that we all have, to some extent. As you'll learn in the Ted-Ed video above, people -- especially young ones -- can have narcissistic qualities without being full-fledged narcissists. And, on the other hand, people can come off as charming and interested while, deep down, they behave in these ways only to advance their own interests.

If some or many of the qualities in the video resonate with you, fear not: Having narcissistic traits isn't necessarily a bad thing. You just need to understand how to work them to your, and others', advantage.

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