Performance Artist Narcissister Turns Self Love Into A Political Act At Envoy Enterprises (PHOTOS, VIDEO, NSFW)

Narcissism Gone Wild

Part Cindy Sherman, part Pinocchio, performance artist Narcissister turns self-love into a radical artistic act.

A performance artist trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Narcissister combines classical training and skill with an unusual disguise, namely a Barbie mask and a pubic wig. Her mask simultaneously hides her true identity while creating the identity of Narcissister, a radical proponent of agency through excessive self-interest.


For her first solo exhibition, entitled "Narcissister is You," Narcissister invites others to indulge in superfluous self-reflection as she has done. Rather than view the activity of gazing in the mirror as wasteful or petty, Narcissister proffers it as a fruitful activity and impetus for collective change.

Her masked models resemble Barbie dolls who have undergone botched plastic surgery procedures, and yet have a power to them regardless. The show challenges viewers to put yourself in Narcissisters place and find out if you love what you see.

"Narcissister Is You" will show January 10- February 10 at Envoy Enterprises in New York. In the meantime check out her freaky-cool images in the slideshow below.


Want more Narcissister? We don't blame you. Here is her performance "Hot Lunch."

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