"Narco War Next Door"
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Ruthless Mexican drug lords are using increasingly violent tactics against government crackdowns on the deadly drug trade. As the situation escalates with an increasing number of kidnappings and murders, the U.S. wants to ensure the violence stops at the border. "Vanguard" Journalist Laura Ling investigates the "Narco War Next Door." From Tijuana, Juarez, and Sinaloa, Ling interviews kidnapping victims, FBI agents and police officers as well as the Mayor of Juarez, Jose Keyes Ferriz and human rights activist Victor Clark.

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Hundreds of people are being deported from the U.S. back into Mexico daily. Many deportees are gang members who committed crimes in the U.S. Laura Ling speaks with a recent deportee in Tijuana, Mexico about the fate of deported gang members in Mexico, many of who end up as foot soldiers in Mexico's drug war.

Mexican Drug Tunnel The Casa del Tunel art museum isn't just any museum celebrating Mexico's contemporary artists. In its previous incarnation, the museum was an actual cross-border tunnel used to smuggled drugs from Mexico into the U.S. The tunnel began in what was once a home and ended across the border in a San Ysidro parking lot. The tunnel has since been sealed and the house turned into a museum run by the Border Council of Arts and Culture "to create a new model at the U.S.-Mexico Border region for sustainable cultural development."

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