Narragansett Beer Had To Consider Trump's White House Invitation 'Long And Hard'

Most fans of the Rhode Island beer aren't exactly in Trump's fanbase.
07/19/2017 10:30am ET | Updated July 19, 2017
Narrangansett Beer

The White House hosted an event on Monday called “Made in America” that highlighted products made in each of the 50 states. Narragansett Brewing Company was invited to join the lineup to represent Rhode Island, and the company had feelings about this invitation.

Mark Hellendrung, Narragansett’s president, isn’t as vocal about his political stance as Yuengling, which is an avid Donald Trump supporter, but he spoke out about the difficulty of his decision and how he reached it with The Boston Globe.

Hellendrung is aware that many of his beer’s consumers aren’t necessarily Trump fans, and it was only after some deliberation that he decided to participate.

“Let’s just honor the White House and being at the White House, and these great other American-made products,” he told the Globe of the decision to send his beer to the event. “It was something we considered long and hard and it wasn’t necessarily easy.”

In the end, Hellendrung was glad to be part of “some great recognition of some awesome brands,” he told the Globe.

Other food and drink companies that made the lineup included Chick Fil A for Georgia, Dubie Family Maple for Vermont (they make maple syrup) and Cheerwine (a soda company) for North Carolina.

While we’re pretty sure Trump did not partake in a brew at the event (because he doesn’t drink alcohol), we’d bet that if he ate a Chick Fil A sandwich it was with a knife and fork.