Narratively's Noah Rosenberg: 'I Want To Find People Who Are As Hungry As I Am'

For Noah Rosenberg, it's passion that creates great stories. And if you have it, he wants you on his team.

The founder and CEO of storytelling website Narratively appeared on HuffPost Live this week to talk about some of the things he looks for when hiring. Now little over a year old, Narratively emphasizes human interest stories with "intricate narratives" rather than just "the next big headline," according to its website.

"Culture is certainly very important to our identity.... It all comes back to us telling these very beautiful stories," Rosenberg told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill. "I want to find people who believe in that mission, who can't sleep at night because of the stories they want to tell. We all have stories to tell, and I want to find people that are as hungry as I am."

Rosenberg admits that being that hungry doesn't alway mean he's the best at unplugging. He's working on it, though.

"[My wife] will agree I'm doing slightly better," he said.