Boy Applies For NASA's Planetary Protector Job In The Most Adorable Way

"I am young, so I can learn to think like an Alien."

This fourth grader’s job application letter to NASA is something to phone home about.

Nine-year-old Jack Davis laid out exactly why he believes he’s perfect to take on the space agency’s recently advertised role of Planetary Protection Officer in an adorable handwritten letter.

And with his cute claim that he’s still young enough to “learn to think like an Alien,” his sweet appeal is now going viral:

“One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien also,” he wrote, explaining his qualifications for the six-digit-salaried position which entails stopping alien life forces (of all sizes) from spreading during space travel.

The youngster boasted about seeing “almost all the space and alien movies I can see” and signed off as “Jack Davis, Guardian of the Galaxy, Fourth Grade.”

Reddit user millamber, a friend of one of his parents, shared a snap of the note to the site on Thursday. It’s not clear where Davis is located, and some social media users have questioned if the note is even genuine. HuffPost has reached out for further comment.

The photograph is, however, proving exceptionally popular online ― with many Redditors suggesting that Davis may indeed be the best person for the job:

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