NASA 'Wins The Internet' By Giving Surprise Interview To Young Boy

"We *are* going to launch a new rocket into space!"

This little reporter got his first big interview after NASA replied to a photo blog post where he said he wanted to write about rockets going into space.

The youngster was out with his journalist father when they were photographed by Brandon Stanton, who publishes street portraits and short interviews on his Humans of New York Facebook page.

The boy revealed that he also wanted to be a reporter, and detailed exactly what his favorite assignment would be.

"My dad goes all over the world and learns about the news... I want to be a reporter too," he told Stanton.

"If I was a reporter right now, I'd probably write a story about if NASA was going to launch a new rocket into space. I'd start by going to the director of NASA. Then I'd ask him about his rockets. And if any of them were going to space,” he added.

The photo, and the boy’s quote, were uploaded to the popular HONY page, which has almost 16 million fans. Before long it came to the attention of NASA, which kindly gave the boy a surprise reply.

"We *are* going to launch a new rocket into space!" the space agency's official account said on the Facebook post thread. 

"We're developing NASA's Space Launch System to be the world's most powerful rocket and launch NASA's Orion Spacecraft into deep space, first to lunar orbits then eventually farther on the journey to Mars," NASA added.

The father and son have not yet been identified, but the post has gone viral, with NASA's response being liked more than 81,000 times.

The space agency has been widely praised for taking time out for the youngster, with many posters saying that it had "won the internet."

"Coolest comment on the interweb," wrote Alvin Joel Fernandez.

"With all of the suffering in our World right now it is a great GIFT to see NASA respond directly to the questions of a curious and hopeful young boy," Kathleen P. Bryant added. "Well Done, NASA!!"


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