This Is What The Changing Of The Seasons Looks Like From Space

This Is What The Changing Of The Seasons Looks Like From Space

A NASA satellite captured these spectacular images of the arrival of fall foliage in Canada and the northeastern United States at the end of September. Fall officially began last week with the autumnal equinox, but these changing colors are still a welcome signal that hot summer days are finally giving way to cooler weather.

fallfoliage1Color change between June 16, 2014, and Sept. 27, 2014.

When days shorten in autumn, trees slow and then stop their production of green-pigmented chlorophyll as they prepare to drop their leaves. As chlorophyll degrades, it allows other red, yellow and orange pigments to shine through. Watch this video for more info on the science behind leaves changing color.

Want to get out there and see beautiful fall foliage before it fades? Check out these maps from the Weather Channel, which show the typical peak foliage times across the country as well as this season's progress. Some areas are already at or past their peak, so get out and catch these colors before they're gone!

fallfoliage2Color change between Aug. 9, 2014, and Sept. 26, 2014.

All images from NASA Worldview. Explore more fall foliage near you using Worldview's interactive satellite imagery.

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