Can You Spot The Airplane From Outer Space?

An astronaut on the International Space Station took the amazing picture.

We all know how small a plane can look in the sky. Now, see how it looks from outer space. 

An incredible photo taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station -- and just released by NASA -- shows the fuzzy image of a plane flying over Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas. The darker blue strands are the tidal channels weaving between the island's fractured cays. But if you look very closely, NASA notes, you can see the faint contrails of a plane drawing a white line across a tidal channel on the upper right.

Don't see it? Here's a closer look at the high resolution image:

The unidentified Expedition 44 crew member took the photo -- not an easy feat for a weightless astronaut -- as the station orbited 250 miles above the island. Crew member Scott Kelly, who is roughly halfway through his #YearInSpace, tweeted the breathtaking image earlier this summer. 

Great Exuma Island is one of the most recognizable places to spot from space because of those well-defined tidal channels, according to NASA.

This might be the only time the Bahamas are best enjoyed from afar.