NASA Says Claims Of UFOs Near Space Station Are A Bunch Of Space Garbage

They insist that alleged ET spacecraft are not out-of-this-world.
This composite image from live transmissions acquired by NASA’s International Space Station cameras shows two objects m
This composite image from live transmissions acquired by NASA’s International Space Station cameras shows two objects moving across and above Earth. To watch the full sequences of the objects gliding from left to right, check out the second video in the story below.

For years, UFO hunters have waged an ongoing battle with NASA, the United States’ space agency. Armed with nothing more than an internet connection, anyone can spend hours on end, searching for unexplained objects that might fly through the view finder of one of several HD video cameras mounted on the International Space Station.

There are numerous examples over several years of where ISS watchers claim to have seen, recorded and posted YouTube videos of UFOs, hoping to convince the public that alien ships often visit the ISS.

Media outlets like CBS, International Business Times and Australian news site have reported on accounts of NASA’s purported conspiracy to keep the idea of aliens near the space station away from the public. Drudge Report’s archive includes stories related to NASA UFO conspiracies dating back to at least 2002.

In the following clip, European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti demonstrates how to operate ISS window shutters. According to YouTube channel secureteam10, she’s missing some alien ship maneuvers taking place right outside the window. 

Secureteam10 positions itself as an “underground” research team that exposes the truth about extraterrestrial and UFO coverups.

When The Huffington Post reached out to NASA regarding recent video captures of alleged UFOs at the ISS, an agency spokesperson sent us this statement:

No unidentified objects in the popular sense have been seen from the International Space Station. Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artifacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.

The YouTube UFO chasers get riled up over statements like that, while competing with each other to come up with the ultimate UFO smoking gun visual evidence.

They don’t even like it when individual astronauts express skeptical views about UFOs originating from far away planets or dimensions, as was obvious during the video above. That same YouTuber was critical of statements made in 2016 to HuffPost by veteran American astronaut Tom Jones

“Astronauts have not seen any evidence of alien life,” Jones said at the time. “Reports of unidentified flying objects in images returned from the shuttle or [space] station have turned out to be ice crystals, drifting orbital debris, lightning flashes, or meteors streaking through the dark atmosphere below. So far, our search for extraterrestrial life ― and other civilizations in space ― has turned up no proof of alien civilizations.”

These types of UFO stories rarely show up in mainstream or non-tabloid publications, a strong indication of a credibility problem here.

This February video from YouTube channel Blast A shows several instances of supposed UFOs photographed by ISS cameras. 

Depending on your personal beliefs about all of this, if you’ve got some spare time and want to try your luck at seeing a UFO ― or just see some cool footage from space ― check out the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment.

There’s no prize involved, except for maybe seeing something that could be the ultimate answer to the ultimate question: Are we alone in the universe?



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