NASA Third Rock Radio Station Appeals To A Young, Human Audience

NASA has finally found a way to speak to humans -- a music program with a trendy name. The space agency launched a radio station, in partnership with RFC Media, in mid-December called Third Rock, that knows who its audience is. Case in point:

"America's Space Station, where listeners will hear about great new artists way before their friends hear of them," the press release reads.

There you have it. Our target audience falls somewhere in the age group where finding out about music before your friends still seems awfully important. And a month into its launch, they're building up a steady audience, with more than 5,000 likes on Facebook.

When we tuned in, we got a mix of Jon Fratelli, stellastarr, Broken Bells, Gomez, Blink 182 and even rediscovered a great song we'd forgotten all about (Codeine Velvet Club's "Hollywood," anyone?) If we don't hear spacey French duo Air at some point though, we're requesting a request line.

But music isn't all this station offers. "NASA features and news items are embedded throughout the programming alongside greetings by celebrity artists," the press release expands.

Our Third Rock stream was interrupted by some strategic messages prefaced by the tagline, "smart is sexy!" Cue the young-sounding girl who announces, "At any given time, there are 1,800 thunderstorms happening around the world." Oh you sneaky NASA scientists! You made me learn!

To tune into our space DJs, go here, or download the NASA app.