UFO Spotted By Astronaut Chris Cassidy Outside ISS Unidentified No Longer, Thanks To Russians

Has an astronaut finally spotted an alien spaceship?

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy spotted something strange -- an unidentified flying object -- floating past a window at the International Space Station on Monday morning. Just watch the video above.

But when Cassidy radioed this odd encounter in to the agency's Mission Control Center in Houston, there was a much simpler explanation.

“That object has been identified by Russian flight controllers as an antenna cover from the Zvezda service module,” NASA officials said in the video above. So, basically space junk?

The Zvezda module is part of the space station itself, launched in 2000 as Russia's first major contribution to the ISS.

It provides living quarters and a variety of life support systems for the station, according to NASA.

CORRECTION: A previous headline on this article attributed the identification of the object to NASA. As the story states, the antenna was identified by Russian scientists.



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