Nashville Grizzlies, Gay Rugby Team, Release 2015 Calendar

Hubba Hubba! The First Of The Annual Gay Rugby Calendars Are Here...

Looks like it's that time of year again: All of our favorite queer rugby teams are beginning to release their annual calendars... and we're not complaining.

The first of these calendars comes from the Nashville Grizzlies, who already wowed us last year with their 2014 edition. Established in 2006, the Nashville Grizzlies RFC is a socially and ethnically diverse USA Rugby Division III club that travels and competes both nationally and abroad.

The focus of this year's fundraising efforts are on providing the money to ensure that playing gay rugby is an accessible option for all players -- regardless of their financial situation.


"The Nashville Grizzlies RFC is a USA Rugby Division III club," the group said to The Huffington Post in a statement. "We are a socially and ethnically diverse group of guys ages 19-50 learning a great sport, getting some good exercise and giving back to our community... Every two years we travel to the Bingham Cup, named in honor of Mark Bingham who died on United Airlines Flight 93 during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. We played in the 2014 Bingham Cup in Sydney, Australia, where we won the Hoagland Vase, named in honor of Mark’s mother."

Check out some images from the 2015 calendar below and head here for more information.

Nashville Grizzlies

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