'Nashville': Jolene Proves She'll Do Anything To Protect Her Daughter, Juliette (VIDEO)

Jolene stepped up to try and be the mother she'd always failed to be for Juliette on "Nashville." But since she's kind of a mess, her approach was kind of a mess. But she was determined to protect her little girl from the growing problem that Dante was becoming.

He'd demanded $2 million to hand over the SD card with the sex tape he'd made, but then changed his mind and upped it to $10 million. So Juliette decided to go public and take ownership of the tape before he could do it. She was going to sabotage her own image to stop him, but Jolene didn't want to see this.

So she lured Dante to her place and pulled a gun on him. "Don’t be stupid, Jolene,” Dante said, clearly underestimating her resolve. Or perhaps he didn't realize she'd been using drugs and alcohol to steel her nerve for what she needed to do.

Even so, it didn't look like she was prepared for the aftermath of the moment. She shot and killed Dante, thus solving one problem for Juliette, while possibly opening another. She did get a hold of Juliette in time to stop her announcement, but by the time her daughter got home, Jolene had overdosed and died.

TVLine was shaken by Juliette's blood-curdling scream, while Buddy TV felt bad for her. “While Jolene thought she was protecting her daughter, she really made matters worse," they wrote. "Now, at least the story of the video will get out. Juliette will have to suffer the guilt of losing her mother and be truly alone in the world. The poor girl has no one left now.”

For now, though, the media is calling it a murder-suicide, so perhaps the larger story about the sex tape won't get out. If it's chalked up to a drug or alcohol induced crime of passion, there may be no need to look deeper. Of course, there is that woman Dante was traveling and hustling with. She could always turn up with another copy, or just looking for Dante -- or revenge.

Next week, it's the season finale of "Nashville," Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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