"Nasty Woman/Mujer Sucia"

People want to and deserve to be treated with civility: basic respect, basic kindness, and basic courtesy. For women specifically, the retort "nasty woman" conjures up the opposite of civility and respect. The combination of the words "nasty" and "woman" are words that should never, ever be used together. That phrase is the lowest form of insult anyone, especially a male, could possibly hurl toward a woman. Generally, "nasty" refers to: "an unpleasant or harmful person or thing." https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/nasty. When used in the more general sense, "nasty" means "very bad or unpleasant, unpleasantly cold or wet, repugnant to the mind, behaving in an unpleasant or spiteful way, annoying or unwelcome, damaging or harmful."

In most contexts, "nasty" is NOT a compliment. "A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness [nasty] in his bones." Proverbs 12:4. Whether a woman is married, single, or otherwise - she neither desires nor wants to be insulted. Unwritten norms, i.e., "Unspoken rules are behavioral constraints imposed in organizations or societies that are not voiced or written down. They usually exist in unspoken and unwritten format because they form a part of the logical argument or course of action implied by tacit assumptions." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unspoken_rule. Therefore, general civility is a mandate in all parts of the world, recognized by the global citizenry.

We can agree without being disagreeable or ugly, i.e., without the intent to inflict pain and harm on another. Unfortunately, when a woman decides to stand up, especially in an arena that has been exclusively and historically dominated by men, that woman instinctively knows she is threading in dangerous, shark filled waters; the sharks may be males or females, but they are present. Participants with traditional as well as nontraditional or modern views readily weigh in to discuss whether a woman should or should not engage in the once precluded activity, currently a bid for the presidency of the U.S. Nevertheless, decisions to embark on breaking down the last vestiges of certain areas must be made by strong and capable women, with support from a panoply of participants who realize change has to come; participants who also believe equality of opportunity is important; participants who are ultimately willing to support equality nationally and globally.

Encroachment on a woman's dignity by persons who are obviously operating in inexplicable places in the universe is an issue that touches and concerns all humankind. A woman's right not to be publicly insulted should be a right that is universally recognized and universally protected; a right that is deeply rooted in the global citizenry's quest to elevate women. This quest, must be supported by all who will take a stand and commit to equality for women, at every level.

A Spiritual Connection exists between women from different parts of the world, especially surrounding the quest for unfettered equality, unfettered dignity, and unfettered opportunity. This Spiritual Connection is mysteriously and intuitively channeled to send positive support to such Champions. For example, several years ago, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf sent a powerful message to Hillary Clinton, "Don't stop with parliament [Congress]. Join me. I'm lonely." Swanee Hunt, Let Women Rule, at 118, 86 For. Aff. May/June2007. Therefore, the collective suffers when a "high profile champion of change" is attacked with the "Nasty Woman" phrase.

We, as citizens of the world, are 'Encouragers'; we encourage others who may not be in our town, state, or country to take up the cause - act outside the ordinary to improve the situation for the whole. Therefore, all 'Encouragers' are summoned to join the fight and demand respect for all of mankind, which includes women; we must demand that the traditional players, generally men, comport themselves properly, according to global norms of decency. Insults are never necessary, and they are rarely accepted as an appropriate response amongst intelligent opponents. Insults fall within the same classification of bullying - action intended to intimidate and harass; and, therefore must be addressed because they, inevitable, encroach on the receiver's erga omnes rights.

Diplomacy, unlike insults/bullying, not only allows one to maintain personal dignity but also allows one to avoid infringing on another's dignity. In short, all women, even a "Nasty Woman" deserves basic, common civility and basic, common respect, which must be afforded to all humans. Respect is due to all global citizens, whether a "Nasty Woman," a "Bad Hombre," a Clean Women, or a Good Hombre!

On a positive note, insults often inspire 'Encouragers' to move to the next level in whatever endeavor we are engaged in. Currently, American 'Encouragers' are in the throes of an important national election. Therefore, in this 'Encourager's' humble opinion, all American women should STAND UP and do what our forerunners, the Suffragettes, would expect us to do. We MUST respond to the "Nasty Woman" insult on behalf of a Spiritual Sister. We are capable of far more than we have been, historically, given an opportunity to achieve in America; we are in a position to broaden opportunities to the entire American populace.

Let's support a "real," "intelligent," and "capable" American Champion/Encourager, which will put the "Nasty Woman" insult to rest. Let's send a signal to our Spiritual Sisters around the globe that hard work and endurance pays off, and that when it is most crucial - we, American women, will stand in Solidarity and recall 1920, which ended the long fought voting rights struggle for women in America. We MUST answer in a profound way by exercising our right to vote as prescribed by the U.S. Constitution's 19th Amendment.

Let's remember Jeannette Rankin! Let's remember Margaret Chase Smith! Let's remember Shirley Chisholm! LET'S VOTE in this historic election, which has been percolating since 1920!!