NFL Player Who Lost Cousin In San Bernardino Shooting Speaks Out

"The true terror is that this keeps happening."

New York Giants strong safety Nat Berhe announced on Thursday that one of his cousins was among the 14 people who died in the San Bernardino shooting on Wednesday. 

Berhe, who was drafted by the Giants in the fifth round of the 2014 draft, said he was stunned by these senseless murders from this specific attack as well as the numerous violent incidents that have happened throughout the country.

"The true terror is that this keeps happening," Berhe wrote.

This particular shooting hit close to home for the football player, who hails from the suburbs surrounding San Bernardino, and played for San Diego State. On Wednesday, Berhe mentioned that one of his parents worked close to location of the shooting.

According to an estimate, Wednesday's San Bernardino shooting was the 355th mass shooting in 336 days this year.

Along with the 14 fatalities, 21 others were injured when two suspects walked into the Inland Regional Center with a two assault rifles, two handguns and more than 1,600 rounds of ammunitions and started opening fire.

Those two suspects were later fatally shot by the police hours after the shooting.

The Giants have responded to a request for comment with this statement: "Nat prefers to leave his thoughts at what he has tweeted."

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