Cops Bust Teen Nat Gray After Plans For Massive Party Go Viral

Students have already made T-shirts to commemorate the arrest of an Oregon teen who allegedly planned a massive birthday party.

19-year-old high school student Nathaniel Gray started planning his birthday party as early as April 2 on Twitter under the hashtag #projectnat, according to KTVB.

The hashtag soon took off on Twitter, even prompting Gray to ask in a tweet -- under the inspired handle @beerisrad -- who from California and Washington planned to come.

Last Friday, the Marion County Sheriff's Office reached out on Facebook for any tips related to the impending party.

"The Sheriff's Office is attempting to gather information on a large party rumored to begin this evening around 6:00 p.m. Deputies believe this party is called "Project Nat" and you must Tweet to an account to get the location of the party."

The department even tweeted at Gray to remind the student of the possible consequences.

Gray responded to the tweet before allegedly carrying out his plans.

On Saturday evening, police tracked Gray's party to a secluded house in the middle of the woods, where officers found a stage, a bonfire, alcohol and at least two dozen party goers.

Gray was arrested after officers said he was "uncooperative with deputies." He is due in court May 9, and faces misdemeanor charges.

Gray defended his actions in an interview with KGW on Monday evening.

"Whoever showed up, they showed up," Gray said. "What they brought was not on me. I was found. I was not intoxicated. I had nothing in my car, so pretty much, [the sheriff's deputies] can say whatever they want."

He told the station he would only allow the interview if he could use his personal recorder during it. Gray can be seen holding what appears to be a toddler's toy. In an unsurprising twist, Gray admitted he wasn't even recording.

Gray has now gained more than 1,000 followers on Twitter since his party attempt. Many are hailing the teen as a "hero" and "legend." Friends of Gray even made t-shirts in support.



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