Model Natalia Vodianova Instagrams Stunning Breastfeeding Photo

Supermodel Instagrams Stunning Breastfeeding Photo

Blogger Mama Bean recently addressed the question many breastfeeders have heard before, "Do we really need to see it?"

To that question, she says, "Yes... because if we continue to treat it as a secret art form, reserved for private rooms and hushed conversations, it will remain a taboo. It will become lost in the passage of time, further misunderstood and out of reach for future mothers."

Her declaration makes it all the more refreshing to see a supermodel sharing a breastfeeding photo on Instagram.

Natalia Vodianova, a Russian model notable for her work with Calvin Klein, released the first photo of her son, Maxim, who was born in early May. Unsurprisingly, it is a beautiful moment between mother and baby.

According to Vogue UK, the gorgeous photo was taken by photographer Paolo Roversi.

As Mama Bean says, "We really do need to see it."

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