Natalia Vodianova Poses With Adorable Babies For (BUGABOO) RED (PHOTO)

Natalia Vodianova Poses With Adorable Babies For BUGABOO (RED) (PHOTO)

Model Natalia Vodianova recently struck a pose--while surrounded by babies--as the face of Bugaboo's partnership with (RED), the initiative to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Bugaboo has agreed to contribute 1% of all its revenue to the Global Fund.

And Vodianova couldn't be happier to participate, joking with Oliver Bennett in an interview, "I'm always broody around children. They're so cute and adorable." She continued, "If I can support children worldwide, of course I want to help....HIV/AIDS is a very smart enemy of the human race and the fact that children are born carrying this enemy makes me sad."

Vodianova also shared some stories from her childhood--she grew up in Nizhni Novgorod, Russia and started working in a market at age 11: "I come from a very poor background, bought up by a single mum, with a little sister who is mentally disabled."

She became a model at age 17, and eleven years later, has three children of her own. "My oldest son is very sensitive, while my youngest son is the cheeky one. My daughter is a princess who gets away with everything," she said.

Check out this image for the Bugaboo (RED) campaign shot by Mary McCartney. For more info click HERE.


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