Natalie Dormer Hates 'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers Just As Much As You Do

So stop asking her about Jon Snow.

Being a "Game of Thrones" fan these days is difficult.

If you prefer to be surprised by the series' twists and turns, avoiding spoilers can feel like like dodging bullets in "The Matrix." And if you are a scoop fiend like the rest of us, torturous tidbits like a Jon Snow-centric poster or teasers for the new season barely satisfy the thirst. 

Series star Natalie Dormer has firmly planted herself in the first camp of fans, and avoids spoilers at all costs. The 33-year-old English actress visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday to promote her new horror flick "The Forest," but conversation quickly turned to all things "Game of Thrones."

Dormer, whose character Margaery Tyrell was sent to the dungeons in the Season 5 finale, was tight-lipped when it came to revealing anything about the highly anticipated new season. 

"I've been doing this cool thing for the last few years," she said. "I stopped reading other people's storylines. I only read the scripts relevant to Margaery's storyline and Highgarden."

However, she did admit that she's been filming in a new location this year, leading Kimmel to assume that her character doesn't stay imprisoned for long. 

"I was in Spain a lot this year," she told the late-night host. "There are dungeons in Spain!" she quickly added, trying not to spoil the plot. 

When it came time to talk Jon Snow, Dormer said the new season's advertising "has given a little bit of the game away," but broke it down for Kimmel anyway. 

“If you get stabbed that many times… you’re pretty much dead,” she explained. 

"Games of Thrones" Season 6 premieres in April 2016 on HBO. 

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