Natalie Dormer Says Men Are Just As Objectified As Women In Film And TV

"Actors suffer from it, too."
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"Game of Thrones" star Natalie Dormer knows that, unfortunately, looks are everything when it comes to the film and TV industry.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, the actress responded to Emma Thompson's previous comments about ageism and sexism in film. Thompson told the website last month that "some forms of sexism and unpleasantness to women have become more entrenched and indeed more prevalent," and that overall, opportunities for women are "still completely s**t." But Dormer added that, in her experience, male actors face just as much objectification as women. "My personal experience has been to work on phenomenal jobs in which the men are objectified as much as the women. Actors suffer from it, too," Dormer told Radio Times, before citing the recent craze over Irish actor Aidan Turner's body in BBC's "Poldark."

Dormer, who has had nude scenes as Margaery Tyrell on "Thrones," realizes that all actors aren't just judged by their body size, but also on looks in general. "We're not just talking about being slim here. We're talking about character actors with big eyes getting typecast in the 'friend' role," Dormer said. "It's not just about bed-ability: it's about your physicality more generally."

But Dormer isn't the only actor from the HBO series who thinks men are objectified for their bodies. Kit Harington told Page Six earlier this year that he finds being labeled a hunk "demeaning."

"It really is, and it’s in the same way as it is for women," Harington said. "When an actor is seen only for her physical beauty, it can be quite offensive." So Jon Snow does know one thing: he doesn't want you to call him a hunk as much as he doesn't want you to call Dormer (and other women) a "babe."

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