Natalie Morales And Her Husband Combined All But One Of Their Financial Accounts

This is so smart.

Natalie Morales has her own stock trading account. The NBC anchor and her husband have joint accounts when it comes to checking and savings, but she has a little stashed away to trade stocks on her own.

“It’s my safe way of gambling, but it’s not gambling because it’s a little bit safer,” she told Yahoo Finance’s My Three Cents with Jen Rogers. “I play it safe and I do my research and I look up the things that I know that I wanna invest in and I follow it for awhile.”

Morales even bought a tech stock while in a taxi on the way to this very interview.

While her husband, who works in finance and is an investor, can “actually read the balance sheet and tell me, ‘Now’s not the time to be buying this stock,’” Morales has her own instincts that she trusts and so far it is working out.

“I buy a little bit, probably more hastily than he would,” she said. “I’ve made some better trades than he has, so I have a better record.”

She noted she has one big winner that is helping her returns.

“I bought Apple (AAPL) back when it was, I think, trading at $82,” she said. The stock was trading at around $183 per share on Wednesday.

While Morales points out that her husband is, of course, the beneficiary of any of her accounts, she still thinks women having their own assets is smart.

“I do believe that women should have their own money put aside and have their own account for, God forbid, who knows what happens down the road,” she said.

Morales isn’t alone. A 2018 study from Bank of America showed 28% of millennial couples say they keep their finances separate and that’s up from 11% of Gen X.

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