Natalie Morton, British Schoolgirl, Dead After HPV Vaccination; Cause Of Death Still Unknown

A 14-year-old girl died a few hours after she received a vaccination shot meant to protect against a virus that causes cervical cancer, CBC News reports.

Natalie Morton died Monday shortly after receiving a vaccine containing Cervarix, CTV Toronto reported.

However, the cervical cancer vaccine probably did not cause the death of the British teenager, a health official told Reuters.

"I think it is unlikely that will be the case," said Dr Caron Grainger, joint director of public health in the area where the 14-year-old girl died, when asked about the possibility of any connection between the death and Cervarix.

She had a "serious underlying medical condition which was likely to have caused death," Grainger was quoted saying on CTV Toronto.

Grainger also told Reuters that parents should continue having their children vaccinated under the immunization program.

The news comes soon after the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee recommended that Cervarix be approved for use in the United States, US News reports.

Police are treating the girl's death as "unexplained" until a post mortem takes place.

Over 1.4 million girls have received the vaccination in England since September 2008, CNN reported.

Cervarix has been approved for sale in 98 countries worldwide, the Canadian Press reported.