Natalie Portman: 'Leon: The Professional' Audition (VIDEO)

Yesterday, we saw the first trailer for "My Week With Marilyn," a period piece in which Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe. It's almost certain to win her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, a category in which she was nominated last year, for "Blue Valentine." She lost, of course, to Natalie Portman and her manic, all-out turn as a psycho ballerina in "Black Swan," but unless there's a sudden critical groundswell for "Thor" or "Your Highness" (criminally underrated!), Williams won't have to compete with Portman this time around.

That of course, has little to do with talent; it's just that, this year, Portman spent the first six months pregnant, and now, is taking care of her little baby boy, Aleph. It's quite remarkable how time flies; it feels like just yesterday that Portman was making her big screen debut in "Leon: The Professional."

That sent us searching through the archives, and lo and behold, look what we found: Portman's first film audition for "Leon: The Professional," and her subsequent first interview with David Letterman. She's just 11 in that audition tape, 13 in the interview. So poised, so talented, so cute... and so Ellen Degeneres-y in her style choices!