Natalie Portman Says Ex-Friend Jared Kushner Has Become A 'Supervillain'

Harvard classmate Kushner wasn't a great student, she added.

Natalie Portman has fought supervillains in many of her films, from “V For Vendetta” to the “Star Wars” prequels. But who knew that one of her own friends from college would go on to become one, according to her.

On “The Late Show” Thursday night, Portman was asked about her former Harvard classmate Jared Kushner, now senior adviser to President Donald Trump.

“I heard he wasn’t that great of a student,” said host Stephen Colbert.

“That is ― true,” Portman hesitated and then laughed. When asked if she wanted to elaborate, Portman seemed unsure what to say.

“Anything you want,” joked Colbert. “It’s a free country.”

“Unfortunately, there’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a supervillain,” Portman said.

Portman and Kushner graduated from Harvard together in 2003. Portman earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and Kushner a bachelor’s in government.

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